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Dear Roelof, all,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Good points we'll take onboard.

The teleconference with the GAO is now set for April 7th. The GAO was 
informed that our proposals were not finalized yet but preferred to 
maintain an earlier date because "This meeting is primarily intended to 
give us a chance to introduce ourselves and our work and to improve our 
understanding of the multistakeholder process."

The GAO do not generally record calls or invite observers, so we will 
report to the group afterwards as planned. Thertee should be an 
opportunity to provide written remarks after the call, as Roelof suggested.

Best regards,

Le 01/04/2015 17:58, Roelof Meijer a écrit :
> Dear Mathieu, all,
> Excellent approach, I would like to make two suggestions:
>  1. I (personally) would not like you to speak with GAO in your
>     personal capacities, but formally, as co-chairs of the CCWG. You
>     just have to put across that you are not (re-)presenting all the
>     diverse opinions within the CCWG not giving the CCWG’s consensus
>     opinion, but that does not have to mean you speak in a personal
>     capacity
>  2. To make sure that of those things you discussed, the really
>     important ones cannot get lost or be misunderstood, put them in an
>     email that you send to GAO afterwards (and cc it to this list)
> Best,
> Roelof
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> Subject: Re: [CCWG-ACCT] GAO meeting request
> Dear Colleagues,
> Many thanks for the thoughtful contributions on this thread. We have 
> taken good note of the concerns as well as the recommendations. Since 
> we did not have enough time to address this particular topic on our 
> call today, this email summarizes our current thoughts and steps forward.
> First of all, we can confirm that the request from the GAO is directed 
> to the co-chairs of the CCWG. We would certainly make clear that we 
> are speaking in our personal capacities and not in the name of the CCWG.
> Secondly, as was mentioned on the list, the GAO is currently engaging 
> with a wide range of stakeholders, including members of this group. 
> The list of questions provided is a generic one, and it is our 
> understanding that, as far as we are concerned, the main expectation 
> is to discuss about our process. Our key intent in this engagement 
> will be focused on explaining our process, from the basic principles 
> of the multistakeholder, open and transparent approach of the CCWG to 
> the various steps we are taking to come up with WS1 proposals. Should 
> the discussion come to contents, we will obviously stay within the 
> grounds of tentative conclusions, as currently available to the public 
> through, for instance, our co-chair statement.
> Taking note of some of the comments received, we will ask the GAO 
> whether they would rather hear our update shortly or delay by a few 
> weeks until our public comment is out.
> Finally, I want to make clear that, while taking note of the objection 
> from Eberhard, the co-chairs decision to engage with the GAO does not 
> fall within the remit of the "CCWG decision making rules" (including 
> consensus, 2nd reading etc). Our commitment as co-chairs is to be as 
> transparent about our engagements as possible, and we are perfectly ok 
> to be held accountable (and transparent) for what we may say. I think 
> Matthew referred to care and thoughtfulness as guiding principles.
> Of course, should there be any request for written input after this 
> teleconference, it would obviously be subject to review by the whole 
> We hope these clarifications are useful and remain open to your inputs 
> and advice.
> Best regards,
> Mathieu, Leon and Thomas
> Le 30/03/2015 12:11, Mathieu Weill a écrit :
>> Dear Colleagues,
>> For your information, the US Governement Accountability Office has 
>> requested a teleconference with the co-chairs of the CCWG. Tentative 
>> date is currently discussed for next week (7 or 8 April).
>> Your inputs are welcome.
>> Best regards,
>> Thomas Rickert, Leon Felipe Sanchez, Mathieu Weill
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>> Sujet : 	April 1, 2, or 3 Meeting Request CCWG-Accountability Chairs
>> Date : 	Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:45:11 +0000
>> De : 	Healey, John C <HealeyJ at GAO.GOV>
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>> Good day, Mr. Rickert, Mr. Sanchez Ambia, and Mr. Weill:
>> You may recall meeting my colleagues, Derrick Collins, Alwynne 
>> Wilbur, and Kate Perl at the ICANN meeting in Singapore in February.
>> At any rate, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been 
>> asked by the Chairs of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and 
>> its Communications and Technology Subcommittee to review the National 
>> Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) proposed 
>> transition of  key Internet domain name functions to the global 
>> multistakeholder community. We are meeting with knowledgeable people 
>> and organizations to gather information for our work.
>> We would like to meet with you via teleconference to discuss the 
>> proposed transition from the perspective of the Accountability 
>> working group. We have provided a list of questions, below, to give 
>> you a better idea of the topics we want to discuss with you, and I’ll 
>> provide a teleconference line after confirming your availability 
>> (please “reply all” so that others can know of your availability). In 
>> addition to the discussion, we would also welcome written responses.
>> Would you be available for a one-hour time slot during one of the 
>> following blocks?
>>   * Wednesday, April 1^st : 10:00 – 11:00 EST
>>   * Thursday, April 2^nd : 11:00 – 12:00 EST
>>   * Friday, April 3^rd : 10:00 – 11:00 EST
>> We would also like to meet with Steve DelBianco and Cheryl 
>> Langdon-Orr to discuss their work with the Stress Test Work Party. 
>> Please let me know if you’d like to be part of that meeting, too.
>> Thank you,
>> John
>> John Healey, Senior Analyst
>> Physical Infrastructure Team
>> U.S. Government Accountability Office
>> 441 G Street NW, Washington DC, 20548
>> (202) 512-5006   | HealeyJ at gao.gov
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