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Dear Co-chairs,

this has nothing to do with ICANN accountability.

There is no ccNSO policy nor indeed ICANN policy to remove a ccTLD from the root, nor even one to retire one in case of the ISO code no longer being used. Nobody has ever thought about the USG even contemplating modifying the root unilaterally. If only if it ever did the whole house of cards would collapse.

Sanctions are Sanctions. Whether they work, or whether one agrees with them. 

Never mind that one can not "cut an entire nation off of the Internet" one can at best cut the IP links that you know of. As if that would deter anyone seriously determined...

Fortunately one does not have to know any details in order to participate here.

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> While, as you point out, the USA has been a good steward in relation to allowing gTld'd from countries it has blacklisted in other venues to exist  it's recent action towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gives concern. According to the New York Times ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/21/world/asia/us-asks-china-to-help-rein-in-korean-hackers.html?_r=0 ) the United States government asked China to "block North Koreas" access to the Internet". No, the US did not remove .kp from the root, the utility of doing so being questionable due to the small DPRK presence at that location, but an attempt to cut an entire nation off of the Internet by the country where the root zone file is located and controlled  is worrisome. It opens the question that when freed from its current stewardship role will the US be more aggressive in asserting its perceived self interest in matters online? I don't have the answer to that question, I merely raise it with some concern.
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