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Was Eberhard referring to this??


On Apr 17, 2015 2:58 AM, "Mathieu Weill" <mathieu.weill at afnic.fr> wrote:

> Dear Eberhard,
> First, please feel free to address us directly and by our first names,
> let's not add any difficulty here.
> Since our call on wednesday, the underlying concern that you raise has
> become clearer to me, and your email below provides further context. This
> is very helpful.
> The question you raise in the note below is whether the CCWG scope
> includes accountability mechanisms related to (quoting your message) "how
> the IANA Function Manager (ICANN at present) makes the actual decisions".
> Our group has been very careful so far not to discuss accountability
> mechanisms with respect to items that are out of the scope of our charter.
> You will remember that, in our correspondence with the CWG, we carefully
> phrased that the review and redress mechanisms would only be applicable „to
> the extent“ ICANN makes decisions regarding ccTLDs. That would not
> encompass questions of delegation and redelegations.
> I have expressed my view as a ccTLD manager yesterday during our ccTLD
> call, but as co-chair, I am perfectly ok with asking other members of the
> CCWG to provide their own input, as to whether or not this item should be
> considered in our scope.
> Best regards,
> Mathieu
> Le 15/04/2015 23:41, Dr Eberhard W Lisse a écrit :
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>> Dear Co-Chairs,
>> we had us a very good ISTACC call today and I raised my current two
>> issues there, the breakneck pace and the IANA Function Manager
>> accountability.
>> For the latter, from our charter (the third sentence, the others
>> provided for context):
>>         This process on Enhancing ICANN Accountability is taking
>>         place alongside a parallel and related process on the
>>         transition of the stewardship of the IANA functions through
>>         the CWG to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal
>>         on Naming Related Functions (hereinafter CWG-Stewardship).
>>         The CWG-Stewardship’s scope is focused on the arrangements
>>         required for the continuance of IANA functions in an
>>         accountable and widely accepted manner after the expiry of
>>         the IANA Functions Contract.
>>         Accountability for the administration of the IANA functions
>>         (i.e., implementation and operational accountability) is not
>>         within the scope of the CCWG-Accountability as it is being
>>         dealt with by the CWG-Stewardship.
>>         Nevertheless, the two processes are interrelated and
>>         interdependent and should appropriately coordinate their
>>         work.
>> Your Co-Chair Mathieu stated that he believes the CCWG can not or
>> should not look at IANA related Accountability (or words to that
>> effect, please correct me until we have the transcript) whereas I
>> believe that the operative word here is the "administration" of the
>> functions, not the functions themselves and in particular the
>> decision making process of the Board.  Never mind that I can not
>> recall any debate on this issue in the plenum.
>> I read that as we do not look at the "internal" IANA operations, ie
>> how they do things.  For example, one major issue of contention is
>> or has been response time to requests, which as operational issue
>> should be addressed by the CWG. Or my allegation of IANA staff
>> leaning on incumbent or prospective ccTLD Managers or the Contacts.
>> That would also be operational.
>> But how the IANA Function Manager (ICANN at present) makes the
>> actual decisions is most certainly within our scope and we need to
>> address this.
>> And I find that starting at the beginning helps.
>> Hence my repeated request for a look at the (legal) foundation as to
>> how a Californian corporation has been, is and will be empowered to
>> make decisions that affect third parties, such as the ccTLDs, but
>> not necessarily only them.
>> The failure by the co-chairs to take this up or even to respond,
>> borders on the deliberate.
>> It's a bit difficult to address the Co-Chairs "through the chair",
>> by the way :-)-O
>> And, finally, it appears Rod Chehade has apologized, but I really
>> would like to read the transcript of Dave Conrad's presentation he
>> referred to so eloquently.
>> I will liaise with CWG staff to find it.
>> greetings, el
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