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Carlos Raul Gutierrez crg at isoc-cr.org
Mon Apr 20 11:55:04 UTC 2015

Good point Chris,

1) Maybe a Quiz on the terms of use on the ICANN Adobe Connect page would
be a good point to start a personal introspection about this issue.

2) Next, I would recognise that some legal experts take note of the great
efforts some lawyers in the list take to make issues clear and
understandable to non-US non-lawyers. I won't mention names here, but they
both know how much I appreciate the clarity and good style they use for the
benefit and representativenes of the whole exercise. This should not become
a race to demonstrate the smartest legal argument, but the general public
good of the proposals and ideas and make it more inclusive.

Thank for raising it

Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez
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2015-04-20 3:38 GMT-06:00 Chris LaHatte <chris.lahatte at icann.org>:

> During the last month a number of people have commented to me about the
> recent tone has some posts. It is important when we debate these issues
> to concentrate on issues and not personalities. It is easy to get
> distracted if there are personal comments about another contributor, which
> can sometimes lead to a trail of discussion on the problems between the
> individuals rather than the more important work. I have noticed such
> comments, and would ask contributors to think carefully before they
> criticise another person, or even use humour about that person. In my
> experience cross-cultural humour can be a risky course and not always
> understood by the recipient. I am always ready to discuss matters with
> individuals who feel concerned, and try to resolve these by mediation
> techniques. Such contact will always be confidential."
> I am happy to discuss this with anyone.
> Regards
> Chris LaHatte
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> confidential.  The Ombudsman shall also take all reasonable steps necessary
> to preserve the privacy of, and to avoid harm to, those parties not
> involved in the complaint being investigated by the Ombudsman.The Ombudsman
> shall only make inquiries about, or advise staff or Board members of the
> existence and identity of, a complainant in order to further the resolution
> of the complaint.  The Ombudsman shall take all reasonable steps necessary
> to ensure that if staff and Board members are made aware of the existence
> and identity of a complainant, they agree to maintain the confidential
> nature of such information, except as necessary to further the resolution
> of a complaint
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