[CCWG-ACCT] member organization and single membership structure

Matthew Shears mshears at cdt.org
Wed Apr 22 14:02:12 UTC 2015

If this would achieve the same result as the broader membership model 
and at the same time be simpler to implement shouldn't it be looked at 
again?  Was there a specific reason it was discounted?


On 4/22/2015 2:56 PM, Roelof Meijer wrote:
> Hi Avri,
> The sole membership construction, is a possibility described in the 
> legal document in several places: the comments by the legal experts on 
> the PCCWG mechanism template (page 64) and the Community Council 
> mechanism template (page 69). I sent several emails about it to the 
> WP1 list, suggesting to look in the possibility as indeed it would not 
> necessitate every SO and AC to become a legal entity. And, as you do, 
> suggesting: "make the „Community Council” the sole member of ICANN 
> (and thus a formal legal entity), consisting of either the SO and AC 
> chairs or SO/AC elected representatives” (from an email of 14 April).
> And I would think it would enable the SO’s and AC’s themselves to 
> continue appointing directors, as they do now. But that’s just 
> guessing, based on the fact that the SO’s and AC’s themselves would 
> not change status
> Best,
> Roelof
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> Hi,
> On 22-Apr-15 08:26, Roelof Meijer wrote:
>> 2)
>> What I find quite frustrating is that I have raised the point of the 
>> possibility (or not) of a single membership structure – an option 
>> mentioned by Sidley and Adler & Colving in their legal advice – 
>> several times by now without getting any substantial reaction. I am 
>> not aware that any serious effort to investigate this has led to a 
>> formal write-off.
> In some way that might lessen the complexity of making most SOAC an 
> individual legal entity.
> How would it work?  Would we continue to appoint Directors just as we 
> do now?
> Or would there need to be some sort of Members Council that took 
> actions, working simliarly to the the executive board or community 
> council idea?
> thanks
> avri
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