[CCWG-ACCT] The scope of "policy"

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Apr 23 03:21:17 UTC 2015

Dear all,

We had taken a look at the frozen document and it's great to see the points which needs community's attention are covered comprehensively including how we handle WS2 issues.
We would like to express our appreciations for all the hard work and efforts of those who have been contributing in putting the document together.

We noticed there is a part in Section 6.2 of the document which is left for [Insert] related to the number resources policy. 
While we weren't sure whether the intention is to leave it as it is for the public comment, below is a text suggestion if it helps to have something concrete for people to comment:

 In this role, with respect to IP addresses and AS numbers, ICANN’s mission is to [INSERT]
 Suggested text:
 In this role, with respect to IP addresses and AS numbers policies, ICANN's role is as described in the ASO MoU between ICANN and RIRs.

As a separate but related point to the number resources policies, there are several parts in the document applying "policies" and employing "policy development processes", including in the Core values, IRP and reconsideration - We would like to confirm the scope of "policies" used here, as some of its description may not be applicable to the number resource. This is because the bottom up policy development process and its forum for the number resources is outside the ICANN, even though the ICANN Board approves its global policies.

We thought we'd share this so that description in the document for public comment would not be putting unintentional implications to policies developed outside ICANN.

As a way of keeping the current description and addressing this point, may we suggest to add additional notes in the document for public comments such as "Policies and policy development described in this document is mainly intended for the names related policies developed within the ICANN forum. In case of including the global number resources policy in its scope for policies and its development process described in this document, further considerations should be made of its implications."?

Thanks and talk to you all soon at the call.

Best Regards,
Athina and Izumi

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