[CCWG-ACCT] SLIGHTLY revised Fundamental Commitments and Core Values Chart

Burr, Becky Becky.Burr at neustar.biz
Fri Apr 24 08:29:41 UTC 2015

Malcolm, this reminds me that I have echoed Avri¹s sentiment that the
public interest is something that can only be discovered through the
bottom up multistakeholder process.  Rather than take out references to
³the public interest² - which appears repeatedly in the AoC - I¹m going to
take a stab at adding that concept.

Thanks for reminding me.

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On 4/24/15, 3:26 AM, "Malcolm Hutty" <malcolm at linx.net> wrote:

>On 23/04/2015 20:01, Burr, Becky wrote:
>> This chart slightly updates the April 17 Frozen Draft by reflecting WP1
>>work on AoC commitments.  Changes (minor) are in PURPLE
>Thank you for this. I don't think adding language on "the public
>interest" to the first of our core values is a minor change: this has
>proven a very delicate and contentious topic.
>I certainly prefer the language proposed for the Fundamental Commitments
>"[seeks input from the public], *for whose benefit ICANN shall in all
>events act*" to the language in the core values "ensure that decisions
>are made in the global public interest".
>The former makes clear that we are concerned with a public beneficiary
>not the private interests of any party. The latter risks importing the
>whole range of claims as to where the public interest lies, and also the
>many governmental claims to be the sole or preeminent decisionmaker
>concerning the same.
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