[CCWG-ACCT] Fundamental Bylaws memo

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I agree completely with Malcolm.  Of all the dangers we face in the IANA
transition, the prospect of ICANN using its control of the IANA function
policy to foster other policy preferences is the most likely to arise, even
from good motives ..... and therefore the most essential to forestall.


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This is exactly why we asked whether a higher threshold should be set to
change the mission.  Thanks Malcolm

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On 4/24/15, 3:17 AM, "Malcolm Hutty" <malcolm at linx.net> wrote:

>On 23/04/2015 05:11, Jordan Carter wrote:
>> Hi all
>> For those not on the call, the attached is to deal with a gap in the 
>>draft  comment report.
>> It has only come into existence in the past 24h as we realised the gap.
>> Apols for the short notice, as explained by Mathieu.
>Dear Jordan and Becky,
>Thank you for spotting this omission, and producing this proposal to 
>address it.
>I would like to support it in all respects save one, the threshold for 
>changing fundamental bylaws, which I think you have set too low.
>You say that "ICANN should be able to expand its Mission only under 
>very limited circumstances". I agree, but I do not think that 3/4 Board 
>plus an unspecified supermajority of the community council is high enough.
>Compare the process to spill the Board, a near consensus ("75%/85%") is 
>required in 2/3s of the SOs and ACs to even ask the community council 
>to consider a spill. I do not think that spilling the Board should be 
>harder to achieve than expanding the Mission, so I propose that we also 
>require a near consensus in 2/3s of the SOACs (including at least one
>SO) for a change in Fundamental Bylaws to be considered by the 
>community council.
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