[CCWG-ACCT] the pwoer to enforce AOC type (6.7) recommendations

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Apr 26 17:28:30 UTC 2015


In the draft recommendations (6.7.2):

> Require the ICANN board to approve and implement review team
> recommendations, including
> recommendations from previous reviews.

> The final output of all reviews will be published for public comment.
> The Board shall consider approval and begin implementation within
> six months of receipt of the recommendations.

We discussed this as a putting a greater obligation onf the Board than
it currently has.  But I do not understand how that is the case.  At
this point, it is still up to the Board to agree or not. 

In responding to a CWG-IANA based question from an NCSG member on how
the IANA Function Review recommendation  for a RFP, if such were to ever
happen, would be respected by the ICANN Board?  Couldn't they just
ignore it.

I did not have a response and am wondering what part of the community
powers I am forgetting.

This points to the more general question about any recommendation of an
AOC type review.

Other than the no-confidence removal of the Board (6.6.6. got to love
the numer!), is there anything that gives the AOC-Like review
recommendations the sort of Community powers that we have discussed
having for budgets, strategy & operational plans (6.6.2) ?  Is it
possible to include Board rejection of AOC type review recommendations
under the category of decision that can be overruled by members?  Or is
that class of decsion restricted by statute?



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