[CCWG-ACCT] WP3 - Call for Volunteers

Paul Twomey paul.twomey at argopacific.com
Thu Jul 2 02:45:00 UTC 2015

Dear Leon

Thanks for these thought starters.

May I suggest as we start this work perhaps it would be useful to have 
staff to compile a list of items under various accountability headings 
(e.g transparency, financial accountability, accountable behaiviour to 
community members, and other items you have included in the thought 
starters etc) from the existing documents and reviews that ICANN has 
undertaken over the last 7 years or more to define the accountability of 
staff, SO/ACs etc.   In particular the documents for review should include:

  * The Affirmation of Accountabilities in 2010 (and follow on
  * The ICANN Accountability and Transparency Frameworks and Principles
    in 2008 (attached, as it is hard to find on the present ICANN
    website), and
  * The various One World Trust Reports on ICANN Accountability
    Benchmarks and Metrics
    (eg.https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2014-03-04-en )

If we have this list of relevant paragraphs under various heads of 
responsibilities, we will have a first document of existing commitments 
which we can review and then suggest amendment or augmentation.

I suggest that this will speed up our considerations.

For instance the relevant sections of the 2008 principles could be:

  * Commitments to Transparency in the ICANN Bylaws
  * Documentary Information Disclosure Policy
  * Responding to Information Requests
  * The consultative planning process by the ICANN community sets
    strategic direction and determines operational priorities and budgets;
  * The schedule of reviews of ICANN’s structure according to Article
    IV, Section 4 of the ICANN bylaws;
  * Translation Principles that guide the translation of documents
    within the ICANN community;
  * Consultation Principles that guide the consultation processes that
    are used to generate community input on ICANN issues;
  * A statement of expected standards of behavior which outlines the
    standards of behavior expected of those who participate in the ICANN

This of course is not complete, but it will give us a start.



Dr Paul Twomey
Managing Director
Argo P at cific

US Cell: +1 310 279 2366
Aust M: +61 416 238 501


On 7/2/15 10:21 AM, León Felipe Sánchez Ambía wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to join this new WP. Staff 
> has circulated a doodle poll to schedule our first call and an email 
> list has been created as well.
> We have a lot of work to do in very little time. I suggest we begin 
> work already by dividing it into sub-groups that can have deeper looks 
> into these emerging issues:
> - Staff & management accountability
> - SO(AC accountability
> - Enhancement of diversity
> - Board rules
> For this work I encourage everyone to review the discussion starter 
> documents that have been circulated by Mathieu and that are attached 
> in PDF to this email.
> These documents will help us start our work and provide us initial 
> suggestions as to how we can structure our output.
> We should, ideally, have a draft document for each issue by July 14 so 
> it can be sent to the wider group and reviewed in our meeting in Paris.
> An optimal initial output could be to, at least, have a list of 
> actions that should be included in both WS1 and WS2 so we can then 
> work in more detail in those catalogued as WS1 either before or in our 
> meeting in Paris.
> Best regards,
> León
>> El 01/07/2015, a las 5:31, Alice Jansen <alice.jansen at icann.org 
>> <mailto:alice.jansen at icann.org>> escribió:
>> Dear all,
>> A Work Party 3 (WP3) was created on 30 June to address emerging 
>> issues i.e. staff and management accountability, SO/AC 
>> accountability, enhancement of diversity and Board duties. The 
>> detailed mission and scope document can be found in the attached for 
>> more information.
>> *You are invited to volunteer for this effort. *If interested, please 
>> send an email to ACCT-Staff <acct-staff at icann.org 
>> <mailto:acct-staff at icann.org>>.
>> The current list of volunteers includes:
>>   * León Sánchez (coordinator)
>>   * Avri Doria
>>   * Giovanni Seppia
>>   * Malcolm Hutty
>>   * Keith Drazek
>>   * Alan Greenberg
>>   * Greg Shatan
>>   * Izumi Okutani
>>   * Athina Fragkouli
>> A call will be scheduled in the upcoming days to kick off activities.
>> Activities of this group can be followed on the dedicated wiki page 
>> https://community.icann.org/display/acctcrosscomm/WP3+-+Emerging+Issues. 
>> Email exchanges can be read at:http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/wp3/
>> Thanks
>> Best regards
>> Alice
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