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Subject: WP1 Work to Do - Now to July - Please Read
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Dear all

Thanks for the contributions on our work planning call for Work Party 1
today. *Please read this email carefully and add your thoughts. *

A separate note later today or early tomorrow will outline the WP1 meetings
we need to have between now and 14 July.

We have three pieces of work to do by the end of the month. They are listed
below, and then some detail fleshed out in the rest of this email, along
with the *call for volunteers...*

Three things need to be done:

*1. Prepare draft content for our Second Public Comment report, for
discussion at Paris & finalising by end month*

*2. Start the bylaws-preparation process, using the AOC reviews as a test

*3. Prepare responses to all the public comments from PC1*

*On 1:* the chunks of work we need to do are to prepare updated content
that takes account of:

- the feedback received in PC1
- the discussions with the community and in our group at Buenos Aires
- further analysis and refinement we make as WP1

This draft material should be done in time for the Paris meeting, and so
has to respect the document freeze on 14 July.

We need to do this for the following areas, and we need a Lead Volunteer
for each area:

Community Mechanism - balance of power / votes / influence
Community Mechanism - whether there is a Council, or just a vote counting

Community Power - Budget/Strat Plan / Operating Plan
Community Power - Blocking ordinary bylaws changes
Community Power - Approving Fundamental Bylaws changes
Community Power - Removal of individual Directors
Community Power - Recall of the whole ICANN Board

Affirmation of Commitments - inclusion of AOC reviews in bylaws
Affirmation of Commitments - other matters (what happens to AOC, etc)

Not on this list is the Model itself (empowered designators, empowered
SO/AC) - my understanding is that the lawyers are being asked to develop
material on this, and that it will be central to our meeting in Paris.

*If there are areas of work omitted above, please raise them ASAP*.

*:: Call for Volunteers ::*

If you would like to *volunteer* to lead any particular piece of work for
the above, *please do so ASAP* - by email to me, or to this email list.

Ideally, there will be one volunteer for each of the lines above. I have
some people who have agreed to be "voluntold" - Avri and Matt Shears are in
this category. But for the start, free choice!

The task will be to be lead writer on a tracked changes version of the PC1
content, showing what you propose to change for the Second report.

The approach asked is to:

a) analyse the public comments and the discussions in BA
b) propose draft text changes that take this into account

The example Steve delBianco circulated earlier today is a way to do it.

Your drafting will lead to discussion of your proposed content in WP1. We
will do as much as we can to improve the drafts and get consensus, but we
will debate all the material through in Paris is my current knowledge.

On *item 2 - bylaws drafting - *Steve has started this process with the AOC
and we will discuss this content on our next WP1 call.

On *item 3 - public comments replies -* I propose that people take some
account of this as they do the drafting work, and be prepared to spend some
time on completing this task (responses to the comments we got in PC1)
*after* the Paris meeting.

I look forward to your thoughts as to any gaps in the proposed work, and to
your volunteering excellence.


Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

04 495 2118 (office) | +64 21 442 649 (mob)
jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Skype: jordancarter

*A better world through a better Internet *

Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

04 495 2118 (office) | +64 21 442 649 (mob)
jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Skype: jordancarter

*A better world through a better Internet *
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