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I think that everyone here would welcome anyone's input to the work of the CCWG, be it an ICANN board member, a small business owner who has moved online or a new internet user from a developing nation, I just hope that any interventions can be constructive rather than narrative in nature given the advanced stage of our work and the timelines that we are working to. Everyone here is working to the same goal, a stronger ICANN and a stronger internet for us all. We can only achieve that via constructive collaboration in my opinion.


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I am posting to the list in my individual capacity, without any connection to my membership in the ICANN board.

First, I'd like to express my regrets for what may have been  an intervention that was improper use of time at the Wednesday afternoon CCWG meeting in Buenos Aires.  Someone then suggested  that it would be appropriate to post my remarks on a CCWG list. If this is not the correct list, please let me know. Otherwise I'll begin to post a series of interventions following this note.

However, I would like to explain why I believe the intervention at the time, as well as this intervention, to be necessary. You'll recall that when the accountability activity started, there was quite a bit of tension between the organization and members of the community regarding how it should be performed. As an individual board member, I reacted to this by not wanting to interfere at all with the process, even though I consider myself a member of the community first and a board member second. 

Subsequently, while watching the outputs of the CC WG working group, I felt that it was important to express my opinion also. I realize that my interventions are well behind the apparent progress that has been made by the group since it started, and so my thoughts might seem out of synchronization with what is occurring now. Nevertheless I'm going to offer them in the hope that they can add value, and perhaps even new ideas, to the discussion. This accountability exercises is important, and I want  --  just as much as  the rest of you  --  to make sure that we do it right and we get a result that we can not only live with but that will allow ICANN to be an effective institution in fulfilling its mandate, achieving its goals, and truly operating in the global public interest.

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