[CCWG-ACCT] Who is managing the lawyers and what have they beenasked to do?

Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Tue Jul 7 11:02:44 UTC 2015

Dear Co-Chairs,

I doubt that the consequence of this fascinating comment to this
CCWG's failure would be that the one constituency driving the
process would be awarded the powers, rather the membership model
would just not happen.

Or the transition.


On 2015-07-07 04:00, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> Among the problems with Membership is that there are strong
> indications that several AC/SOs will not sign on as members (the
> ALAC is among them) leaving the possibility of very few members,
> and those members (or quite possibly member) would have the
> statutory power to unilaterally and irreversibly dissolve the
> corporation, and the IANA Names stewardship along with it.
> You might ask, "Why would they do that?"  and I have no clue.  But
> if we are determined to consider world with a rogue Board with not
> a single Board member who is objecting, then a rogue SO cannot be
> off the radar either.
> Alan

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