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Sun Jul 12 23:56:13 UTC 2015

Dear Mathieu,

Thank you very much for your welcome to the group.  I apologise that I have been so tardy in responding to your email.  I have been travelling in South America for the last couple of weeks after ICANN53, and have spent much of the last week completely out of internet range, and subsequently trying to work my way through the hundreds of emails which came in during that period!

I arrived home a couple of hours ago and, along with Lyman, I will try to join the CCWG meetings as often as I can.  Unfortunately I will not be able to travel to Paris, but thankfully Lyman is doing so, and I will plan to join remotely for as many sessions as I can.

Best wishes,


On 7 Jul 2015, at 6:01 pm, Mathieu Weill <Mathieu.Weill at afnic.fr> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below announcement from Patrik Fältström, chair of SSAC, that SSAC has decided to become a chartering organisation of our CCWG. 

And please join me in welcoming Lyman and Julie to our group as SSAC appointees. 

Best regards,

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Dear Mathieu, Thomas and León,

I would like to report to you that SSAC first of all is taking a step forward to become a chartering org for the CCWG Accountability. Secondly, I would like to report "Lyman Chapin" <lyman at interisle.net> <mailto:lyman at interisle.net> and "Julie Hammer" <julie.hammer at bigpond.com> <mailto:julie.hammer at bigpond.com> as SSAC appointees to the CCWG.

   Patrik Fältström
   SSAC Chair


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