[CCWG-ACCT] Notes-Recordings-Transcript links for CCWG-ACCT #39 - 7 July

Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Mon Jul 13 09:16:19 UTC 2015

Dear Co-Chairs,

When reviewing the transcript, I wonder whether I am the only one
who feels that "So no questions to the lawyers on your side."  is
not a correct summary of Mr Arasteh's intervention?

greetings, el

Kavouss Arasteh:  Yes, without any qualification of presentation,
		  I’m total disappointed.  We come back in April at
		  the beginning of this process the lawyers pushed
		  for membership and today they pushing for
		  membership.  They present three things at the end
		  they come that if we want to have something work
		  go to the membership.  So I don’t think there’s
		  anything new in this presentation.

		  This presentation was totally passive.  We should
		  have a slide by a slide asking the people to
		  comment.  But it did not allow that.  We have 14
		  minutes of presentations unilateral and there was
		  no room for the people to talk.  When we said
		  something in the chat there were few people that
		  (unintelligible) it’s extremely useful.  We have
		  learned a lot.  We are not school boys; we are not
		  coming here to learn something.  We are going to
		  have something which works.  So I’m very sorry,
		  this is not useful at all.  And I interrupt the
		  phone and I cannot listen anymore to this
		  discussion because it is totally counterproductive,
		  is totally counterproductive. Thank you.

Leon Sanchez:	  Thank you very much, Kavouss.  So no questions to
		  the lawyers on your side.  Next in the queue I
		  have Tijani but first would the lawyers want to
		  react to Kavouss’s comments?

Holly Gregory:    I don’t have any reaction.

Leon Sanchez:     Okay, thank you. And if there is anyone to blame
		  for asking the lawyers not to be interrupted is
		  certainly me so I take the blame on that.  Tijani,
		  you're next.

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