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Thanks David. This input has been posted to the CCWG Wiki here:

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>To all:
>A couple of weeks ago we hosted a roundtable discussion at the OTI
>office in Washington DC among a number of the tech policy/advocacy
>groups, to see whether there was some common ground or consensus
>among us about the accountability mechanisms that we believe need to
>be included in any final transition proposal.  The attached is a
>draft of what such a statement might look like.  I hasten to point
>out that it has NOT been vetted yet by any of the
>institutions/organizations we would hope might be involved in such a
>project, so that at this point it doesn't represent anyone's views by
>my own -- but I think it at least indicates the direction in which
>our discussions are moving, and I thought this might be a useful time
>to inject it into the ongoing CCWG discussions.
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