[CCWG-ACCT] Report to Council in terms of CCWG Charter

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Fri Jul 17 07:22:36 UTC 2015


please bring the below to the attention of Council members, as I can
not post to the Council List

  In terms of the Charter I wish request an opportunity to discuss
  with the Chair of the chartering organization or your designated
  representatives that the Co-Chairs of the CCWG Accountability have
  decided to declare the Face to Face Meeting here in Paris TWO
  meetings, in order to be able to read issues on which there is
  consensus in the room, twice.

  I have raised in the room (and had on the mailing list while in
  transit) because

    1) it was sprung on us by the Co-Chairs late, while most
    attending where in fact in transit instead of being decided by
    the members in two readings (well) in advance; and

    2) it is an unheard of attempt at circumventing the two reading
    rule; and

    3) the call for this F2F was short notice when many members
    already had made other arrangements, such as vacation; some of
    them now being represented by individuals not having previously
    participated in the CCWG, I for one do not even know the ccNSO
    alternate Maarten Simon.

    There are however at least 23 members and/or alternates present
    in the room as I write this.

  I objected against it for the record, as the sole objector.

greetings, el

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