[CCWG-ACCT] Redactions in ICANN documents

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Fri Jul 17 10:04:41 UTC 2015


Nobody says you can't redact stuff like cell phone numbers,
especially if you write "cell phone number redacted".

But taking things to be redacted out into a schedule, is a good
idea, I think, especially when writing into the contract what
information is going to be redacted.

However redacting things like pricing models is going to be

The Ombudsman is not independent and (the position rather more than
the individual occupying it at present) is thoroughly discredited.

greetings, el

On 2015-07-17 11:53 , Bruce Tonkin wrote:
> Hello Avri,
>>>  Until such time as ewe have community standards on redactions,
>>>  I think including the contractual or other provision they are
>>>  relying on for the redaction, as Samantha did in her note, is a
>>>  useful measure.
> Yes - I like the idea that any redaction comes with a note for the
> reason for the redaction.
> Also I would like to be able to share more of our critical
> contracts - e.g. commercial agreements with parties providing
> legal advice, carrying our reviews, varying our evaluations on new
> gTLD applications, etc to be public - but with key commercials
> (e.g pricing model) and private information (e.g. mobile phone
> numbers for escalations etc) redacted .  This may mean that
> contracts with third parties are structured so that the materials
> that need to be redacted are contained in schedules rather than
> the core agreement.  A schedule can be used to contain pricing,
> and personal contact details etc.
> There also should d be a clear mechanisms for challenging a
> redaction - and this might be something that could be incorporated
> into the Ombudsman function.  Ie the Ombudsman should have access
> to non-redacted documents and confirm that the redactions comply
> with any redaction policy, or confidentiality agreements.
> Regards
> Bruce Tonkin 

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