[CCWG-ACCT] Standard Bylaws: for discussion

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Fri Jul 17 17:20:35 UTC 2015

Hi all

At the meeting today, we said we'd deal with Standard Bylaws by email.

In summary: the feedback largely related to tweaks and adjustments, and
most of it was taken on board or not agreed with.

The attached paper was part of the reading pack. It shows tracked changes
on the following:

A) suggesting a specific 15 or 30 day calendar window for the exercise of
this power, following Board final decision on a bylaws change (compared
with unspecified in May).

B) suggesting a 2/3 threshold in the community mechanism, symmetrical with
the Board threshold (and lower than the 3/4 proposed in May).

Discussion on A - the time window.

The most consistent feedback in the public comments was to give more time
for the exercise of this. But WP1 disagrees. Bylaws Changes by the time the
Board formally adopts them have been known in public for months, and have
recently completed a 40 day public comment period. So there is no need for
the window to allow for full consideration as if we had never seen them

What the 30 days needs to allow for is time to exercise the power through
the community mechanism. But in saying that, there also needs to be time
for (what I hope will be a standard) petitioning process to spur
consideration of the power. We had not designed in that timeframe.

Personally I would like these timing things to be as consistent as possible
across all the powers, and so we need to detail the petition mechanism for
all powers.

I have no points to raise in discussion on B.

SO - discuss away. Thoughts, considerations, angles, etc.


Rapporteur, WP1, CCWG-ACCT

Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

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