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Besides the fact that I think we should hold the CEO responsible,
aspects like future career prospects and professional reputation should
be considered by individual staff members prior to their actions or


On 2015-07-18 08:41 , Chris Disspain wrote:
> Thank you James. 
> Speaking as a real life, actual CEO…I agree.
> Cheers,
> Chris
>> On 18 Jul 2015, at 05:30 , James M. Bladel <jbladel at godaddy.com
>> <mailto:jbladel at godaddy.com>> wrote:
>> The more I consider the idea of holding staff "accountable" to
>> "The Community," the more convinced I am that this would fast
>> become an organizational nightmare.
>> Non-exec members of staff should be held accountable to their
>> direct supervisor, and the chain of authority up to the CEO. It
>> is not appropriate to insert the Community in that hierarchy, or
>> to haul these folks in front of public inquiry committees.  You
>> have mentioned that the community would not make hire/fire
>> decisions, so what is the point of this exercise, except to
>> publicly shame the staff member, sully their professional
>> reputation, and destroy their future career prospects?  No sane
>> person would want to work for ICANN if it means subjecting
>> themselves to several thousand self-appointed bosses, who may or
>> may not have any relevant expertise to judge the employee's
>> performance.  The near-term outcome would be an exodus of anyone
>> with talent.  And recruiting competent new hires would be
>> difficult, expensive, or both.
>> Executive employees are a different story, but even in their case
>> I believe that community influence should be indirect, such as
>> including a community review as a component of their annual
>> performance review, or notifying the CEO if the exec no longer
>> has the trust and confidence of the community.  If the CEO
>> repeatedly fails to act on this, the he or she should be shown
>> the door.
>> Thank you,
>> J.
>> ____________
>> James Bladel
>> GoDaddy

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