[CCWG-ACCT] Notes-Recordings-Transcript links for CCWG-ACCT #42 Session 3 - 18 July

Brenda Brewer brenda.brewer at icann.org
Sat Jul 18 16:40:08 UTC 2015

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The notes, recordings and transcripts for the CCWG ACCT Meeting #42, Session 3 - 18 July will be
available here:    https://community.icann.org/x/FoFCAw

A copy of the notes may be found below.


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These high-level notes are designed to help you navigate through content of the call and do not
substitute in any way the transcript.

Board recall: entire broad individual directors

*        Hold over model, Directors stay seated until the replacement is found

*        Alternates, selected when the original Director appointed; 

*        Ex Officio Model, people involved in certain positions would become these positions

*        Interim at the time of recall, only long enough until a "real" board in place my usual

*        Each has he same fiduciary duties as the typical board.  

*        Strict bylaws provisions around the time-frame, act as fiduciaries, but a community
expectation of caretaker mode

*        Shadow board, sitting in the back of the actual board  a bad idea. 

*        Ex Officio: already a burden on the chairs and community leadership 

*        Everyone who casts the vote, should bring names to the table as replacements, i.e.
preference to option 4

*        It is possible to go for a smaller board, ignoring concerns of representation. 

*        A board as small as 1 is possible

*        Diversity requirements in the bylaws could be put on hold in the interim

*        Staggered terms, the replacement would step into the term associated with the seat they

*        Backstop under California law, if only one Director, must inform the California Attorney
General that they are to resign, who may appoint an interim board.

*        Are there any restrictions on who can be appointed? 

*        Suggestion of a preference with option 4, with implementation details to come. 

*        Note. NomCom is developing practices for a casual vacancy, which are becoming more regular

*        A consultation process must be in place before a Board recall:  petition and consultation

*        Preference for option 4. 

*        Not requiring the NomCom to immediately seat interim Directors

*        NomCom will not be required to bring names to the table 

*        Time span in which the new Board should be seated. 

*        WS2 a set of standards for Board members 

*        Discussion at the next CCWG mtg July 21st

Mission, commitments and core values

*        Comments on the balancing test.  In the proposal too complicated and too U.S. law centric

*        Consistent with human rights standards

*        Suggested commitment to adhering to human rights. Intent:  what ICANN does not negatively
impact on human rights

*        Is there a standard or framework on human rights being suggested? A group to examine this,
and its policy implications and practical affects, but now not the time to implement

*        Further discussions about the human rights aspects.  

*        Core value 5. From the AoC and movement of the commitments into the bylaws.  The nature of
the language in the AoC suggested this different place in the bylaws.  

.  Words left out from them AoC text, the parenthesis 'issues including...' may be useful to discuss
(taken to email). 


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