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The notes, recordings and transcripts for the Face to Face - Paris - Day 2, Session 2 (18 July)will be available here:


A copy of the notes and action items may be found below.

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·         to more closely focus the IRP to identify if ICANN has failed to act, and satisfy the statutory claims of the sole member
·         community selection process to designate members of the panel. To create a pre-vetted pool of members and alternates
·         standing: available to person or entity materially harmed, by action or inaction.
·         tender a process to find an organisation to set-up the IRP court, though an RFP from well qualified candidates
·         expertise: beyond technical, e.g. diplomatic, regulatory
·         diversity:  aspirational diversity, and some suggestions for caps, minimum or maximum from a region
·         scope: for any violation of the bylaws, and under the mission and core values ICANN has an obligation to follow documented policy and act without discrimination
·         Exhaustion: can't sit on the sidelines of a police development process, there is an obligation to be part of the process
·         Some contemplation of having to go to ombudsman or reconsideration process before launch of an IRP.
·         the period of the consideration should be fixed, as a WS2 effort to define processes.
·         Criteria for appeal will be established.  Avoiding frivolous or insubstantive claims
·         Diversity important for the panel.
·         Community driven, but the Board will also have a say.
·         CCWG to continue to developed rules of procedure
·         Consideration of issues out of scope of the IRP
·         Appels procedure, avoiding a continuous loop.
·         Support for the enhanced IRP
2. - Removal / recall Board members
Individual Directors
·         should be open and transparent
·         support for the appointing SO/AC being able to remove their director
·         Provided 3 option for removal of NomCom appointed directors
·         The single member does the removal, but on instruction from the SO/AC
·         NomCom removal process to be discussed/agreed
·         Assume this power will be exercised as the other powers, with petition and thresholds for agreements
·         Need to synchronise with the reference model, the community forum and voting mechanisms
·         To be aware of the CWG dependencies
·         Most feedback was that the appointing body would be the remover.
·         Principle of fairness, the criteria of what constitutes cause should be available to all appointed.
·         Thresholds should be consistent across SO/AC and NomCom.
·         The decision threshold in the proposal is the same for all Directors
·         Notion of fairness and criteria for removal should be considered by WP3
·         Sébastien Bachollet expresses concern and a member's minority view on Director removal
·  Concern noted that the ability for the appointing body to remove a Director may turn that person into a representative of that body, not to serve ICANN as a whole.

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