[CCWG-ACCT] CWG ok with Fundamental Bylaws inclusions

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Dear all

For the record, copying the below which confirms the CWG is comfortable
with the inclusion of matters re fundamental bylaws, as set out below.


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Thank-you for this confirmation.


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Dear Client Committee,

We think the summary below captures the CWG requirements for the
fundamental bylaws.

Best regards,



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*Subject:* Re: FW: [client com] CWG Confirmation - Fundamental Bylaws

Hi all

At our WP1 meeting on 22 July (19h) we tentatively signed off these more
abstracted/summarised versions of this:

5.      The IANA Function Review and the Separation Process required by the
CWG-Stewardship’s proposal;

6.      The Post-Transition IANA governance and Customer Standing Committee
structures, also required by the CWG-Stewardship’s proposal.

I believe this language to be consistent with Sharon's draft and so the
CCWG-Accountability will proceed with this language, unless we hear
otherwise from you.

The lawyers in drafting the relevant bylaws provisions will no doubt recall
the further detail spelled out here.



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