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At Mathieu's request please find the latest input from the Sidley team.


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  Dear CCWG-Accountability Co-Chairs and ICANN Staff,

Here are our comments on the documents we received on Friday.  We are
sending the documents below in this email and will send you another email
with the remainder shortly.

·         Section 2: Accountability Mechanisms

·         Section 2: SO/AC Accountability

·         Section 3B: Fundamental Bylaws

·         Section 5A: Community Mechanism

·         Section 5B.2: Standard Bylaws

·         Section 5B.3: Removing individual ICANN directors

·         Section 5B.4: Recalling the entire ICANN Board

·         Section 5C: Diversity

·         Section 5C: Staff Accountability Requirements

·         Section 6: Incorporation of the AoC

Please let us know if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Kind regards,

Holly and Rosemary and the Sidley and Adler Teams


*Sidley Austin LLP*
holly.gregory at sidley.com

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