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Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Mon Jul 27 17:31:30 UTC 2015

Hi Alan,
 I completely disagree.
 The ICA is an integral part of the model we've proposed to exercise 
community powers.


- We will not likely need this powers in the coming months, and if we do, 
some sort of community discussion will happen regardless of us architecting 
it or not.
 If community discussion was all the ICA was designed to foster you might 
be correct. It's much more than that though. The ICA is community plus. The 
community will be there but so won't, should he or she chose, the ICANN CEO 
as well as  Board members, staff...it's a fantastic idea and I'm hopeful 
would negate the need for votes or the exercise of community powers. 
Bringing people together to foster dialogue about contentious issues 
should, in most cases, allow reasonable people to broker differences and 
avoid the need to escalate conflict.
 I'm also a little bit leary of going the "some sort of community 
discussion" group route. Ad hoc discussions tend to result in less 
diversity, less inclusiveness and perpetuate a status quo that may or may 
not be legitimate.
 I'm a big supporter of the ICA, excited about it's potential, and 
certainly can see no reason to defer it to WS2.


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