[CCWG-ACCT] way forward and minority statements

Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Wed Jul 29 19:41:53 UTC 2015

I would suggest that the Chairs should reconsider the deadline for 
submission of minority statements. A deadline 15 hours from the presumed 
end of document review and reconsideration ( the second call on Thursday) 
is unreasonable by any measure of fairness. If production deadlines and / 
or the dates of the public comment must be slightly shifted to accommodate 
the fair provision of minority views, that is a far more appropriate 
response to the deadline problem than squeezing those who wish to present 
alternate views to the public for consideration. Most of us are volunteers, 
with day jobs, family responsibilities and the need to sleep. If the Chairs 
are adamant about this deadline I would ask that the Ombudsman weigh in on 
the issue of fairness. I should note that I have no intention of filing a 
minority statement - I am aware of others, however, who wish to do so but 
would be precluded by what I certainly believe is an inadequate allowance 
of time for them to do so.
 Edward Morrisd  

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Subject: [CCWG-ACCT] way forward and minority statements   
as you will remember, we have discussed our suggested way forward and the 
question of minority statements in our call yesterday. Nonetheless, we 
would like to offer some more information on this.

We would like to present to the community not only a draft report, but a 
consensus proposal. We do hope to have reached consensus on all questions 
so there will be no need for an additional determination of consensus after 
the public comment period unless the community input requires us to revisit 
substantial parts of our proposal.

1. We suggest you file a minority statement if you object to the overall 
set of recommendations. The minority statement will be referred to in an 
appendix to the report.

2. We suggest you provide us with your dissenting opinion to individual 
questions so that we can include it in the body of the report. We already 
heard from individuals that they appreciate this option as they do not wish 
their objection to an individual aspect of the report to be perceived as 
opposition to the overall approach we are taking. If you consider using 
this option, please use the following format to help add value to the 

i. raise your concern
ii. provide a rationale for your concern
iii. please offer an alternative suggestion

In order for your statements (both minority statements and dissenting 
opinions on individual questions) to be published at the same time as the 
report will be published, they need to be received by rapporteurs, 
co-chairs or staff by 12.00 UTC on the 31st of July.


PS: In case we do not reach consensus but can only present a draft, the 
situation is not different from the first report and we will not have 
minority statements for such report. According to our charter, minority 
statements offer a chance to oppose to a consensus. In the absence of 
consensus, there is no need for minority statements. Please note that in 
this case, we will still allow for minority statement to be added to our 
final report.    


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