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Hi all

Sorry to be really brief but:

On 30 July 2015 at 17:41, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the share Jordan. Could you kindly confirm if any of the
> following is not correct:
- The community forum will allow for any member of SO/AC to participate and
> not selected few
Correct - as explained in 5A

> - That the SO/AC intending to remove its board member would not only use
> the community forum as announcement formality but rather state convincing
> rationale to the community
Correct- as explained in 5A. It's a requirement for dialogue and the chance
for the person who risks removal to have a say. Details to be developed in
the implementation process.

> - That the community forum could serve as an opportunity to convince the
> petitioning SO/AC to desist from(or encourage) proceeding with the removal
That's one thing that could happen. At the very least it adds some
community visibility of the considerations involved.

> - That the community forum will be held in a most efficient manner; for
> instance, it would make no economic sense to have multiple community forums
> in a year as a result of varying times of petition from the SO/AC (although
> I read that community forum will hold during the 3rd ICANN meeting but
> sections as quoted below creates the confusion:
> "Where such a  call  to  remove a  director  meets  the required
> threshold is  announced, within  fifteen days  a  meeting  of the  ICANN
> community  forum.... will be convened"
It isn't envisioned as an in-person meeting. So the economic consequences
are minimal...

> So how will this workout if a petition is made the February for instance,
> considering 3rd ICANN meeting is around October.

There would be a discussion online.


> Regards
>  On 30 Jul 2015 12:51 am, "Jordan Carter" <jordan at internetnz.net.nz>
> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Attached are the community powers papers combined into one document, and
>> benefiting from the latest legal review and updates following our last
>> call. This is for discussion in our next CCWG call/s.
>> *I draw your attention in particular to two points:*
>> ** in the *"removing individual ICANN directors"* paper (section 5B.3)
>> there was no limit on the number of times people could seek the removal of
>> a director: if a vote failed, a new petition could happen immediately. *I
>> have suggested there should be a standdown period of six months - if a vote
>> to remove an individual director fails, a new petition could not be lodged.* It
>> doesn't seem fair to allow the community to simply wear down an elected
>> director by attrition like this.
>> ** in *"recall of the ICANN Board" *paper (section 5B.4), there was a
>> weirdness in the *petitioning*. We agreed that two SOs or ACs must
>> petition to trigger this, at least one of which needed to be an SO, but the
>> paper had a legacy oddness that 2/3 of the SOs and ACs would have to sign
>> on to the petition. This was the same threshold as the actual decision. *So
>> I have deleted it.*
>> The changes to the Budget paper also clarify the separateness of
>> decisions re IANA budget and ICANN budget.
>> Redline and clean versions attached. Please treat the clean version as
>> the authoritative one. The redline includes all changes other than
>> formatting and minor word changes that don't change substance, as far as I
>> know.
>> cheers
>> Jordan
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