[CCWG-ACCT] Minority Reports

Nigel Roberts nigel at channelisles.net
Thu Jul 30 07:54:35 UTC 2015

On 07/30/2015 03:02 AM, Stephanie Perrin wrote:
> As one of the folks who does not have the massive amount of time
> required to participate in these important negotiations, but is
> nevertheless very interested, may I submit the following:
> 1.  I agree with Chris, this is a point of fundamental fairness. Slow down.

I agree.

> 2.  As I think it was George S has said, there is never time to do it
> right, but always time to do it over.  Why not negotiate for more time
> to complete the report?

Negotiate with whom?

What I see is a conflict of evidence. .NZ (Jordan) is stating that we 
need to stick to the timetable because of external requirements, as follow

>  It is not self-created urgency in the slightest. It is urgency that comes from, among other places, ICANN itself; the United States Government; parts of the technical community who have wanted to be without the USG link for a very long time.

Firstly it is NOT the USG. I heard Mr Strickling say this, in person.

But I will agree that itt does come, as you say, from within ICANN 
itself. That is exactly self-created urgency/

I cannot see how the technical community can set the schedule on on what 
is, essential, the construction of ICANN 3.0 and I'd be grateful for a 
pointer to who, and how, set the schedule in this way.

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