[CCWG-ACCT] so what is the current outcome on human rights.

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Good question! The waters got muddy at the end. I appears as though there was a simple majority in favor of something being in there and, given that, a simple majority in favor of Greg's language. I don't know what that means for the draft that will go out to the public. There was talk of another poll on the listserv to capture more folks.

80% sure you don't need to draft anything and Greg will need to draft an inline objection on behalf of part of the CSG....but who knows?

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Dear esteemed chairs,

Perhaps it was because I was following only the chat, but I cannot tell
where the issue was left.  I am sorry I could not stay on the call, but
I had a classroom of students I was guiding through a multistakeholder
practicum. i.e I was working, for pay even.

Does the reference recommendation currently include a bylaw on Human Rights?
If so, which one?

I am trying to decide on whether I need to spend tonight finishing my
minority report or not.

Also Is the deadline for the minority reports that want to be include in
the report still Friday at 1800 utc?



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