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Dear Colleagues,

FYI, feedback from our lawyers on the IRP text. Becky is implementaing 

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Dear Co-Chairs,

We have reviewed the IRP draft and have relatively few comments.  
Overall it looks in good shape.

We do have one significant concern however and it relates to the 
following paragraph which was added in the very last draft:

_20 b. CCWG-Accountability confirms that the IRP Panel has the power to 
stay a Board decision or action. It further recommends that it also have 
the power to require ICANN to take a decision or action on an interim 
basis, until the Board has had a chance to consider and decide how to 
implement an IRP Panel decision._

We strongly recommend this paragraph be deleted.  We believe that it is 
not only unenforceable but that it is inconsistent with California law 
and the fiduciary duties of directors (as indicated in prior memos).

We also urge extreme caution in the next several days with these types 
of last minute additions and language changes.

Holly and Rosemary


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Dear Holly, dear Rosemary,

Sorry for briefness. Here are redline versions of the IRP document for 
your review and comments



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