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Resending as my original post was to the wrong mailing list:

Hello All,

In the public comments from the Board at:


The Board noted that it would be useful to have an impact analysis where the costs, benefits, and alternatives to proposals are weighed to assure that the design of the solution for each issues is the most efficient, least burdensome on the community , and the most cost-effective solution.

We have prepared the attached detailed list of questions to help the CCWG with that impact analysis.     Many of the questions likely have straight forward answers that can be prepared as part of a "FAQ" on the final proposal, and some questions really highlight trade-offs that need to be made, and the questions aim to help flesh out those trade-offs.  

Every major change to a system, usually results in some secondary effects.   Often we can live with those secondary effects, but it is useful to think how to mitigate some of these secondary effects in the proposal.

The Board hopes these will be helpful to the group in its full day session in Buenos Aires and welcomes hearing from the CCWG on Sunday.

Unfortunately I don't arrive in Buenos Aires until Tuesday evening - but will endeavour to spend as much time as possible with you all in Buenos Aires and to help clarify any concerns raised by Board members.

I also intent to attend the face-to-face meeting in July.

Bruce Tonkin

CCWG Board Liaison

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