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It is in the notes that were just published 
Paul Rosenzweig
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>Hello Greg,
>For those who did not attend(like myself), do you mind sharing the decision of the group during the last meeting as it concerns jurisdiction matter?
>On 15 Jun 2017 7:38 PM, "Greg Shatan" < gregshatanipc at gmail.com > wrote:
>>You did attend the first of the two full meetings we held on this subject.  In the email from staff forwarding the transcript, decision, etc., from this second meeting, you will even see that Thomas cited one of your contributions from the first meeting.
>>On Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 2:21 PM, avri doria  < avri at apc.org > wrote:
>>>Sorry I missed these meetings.
>>>On 15-Jun-17 01:31, parminder wrote:
>>>> It gives me no pleasure to report that a coup from the top was
>>>> achieved at yesterday's call based meeting of the jurisdiction
>>>> sub-group. The CCWG and sub group chairs together simply decided that
>>>> the CCWG jurisdiction sub-group will no longer discuss the
>>>> jurisdiction question, however paradoxical and comical it sounds. What
>>>> they actually proclaimed was of course more circuitously worded --
>>>> something like, people can discuss the jurisdiction question as long
>>>> as it is not, even by any distant implication, about any change in the
>>>> jurisdictional status quo!! Wonder, what really then is the
>>>> jurisdiction issue that they can discuss, but then Orwell did tell us
>>>> a lot about such political speak. One is also reminded of the
>>>> consumer's unlimited right to buy black Ford cars.
>>>> regretfully, parminder
>>>> On Wednesday 14 June 2017 11:50 AM, Greg Shatan wrote:
>>>>> All,
>>>>> In addition to the agenda, the summaries we will discuss are attached.
>>>>> Also attached is the chart containing the "raw" statements made
>>>>> during the prior call (plus the changes suggested by Thiago on the
>>>>> list), as well as a distillation of those statements (since a number
>>>>> were essentially repetitive or overlapping).
>>>>> Greg
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