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Dear Dev and all,

thanks for this detailed summary on the new CROPP, composition and framework what sounds promising. Hopefully, this will strengthen various RALO ideas and projects for regional outreach initiatives -- with institutional support from ICANN for the first time.

Kind regards,

Dev Anand Teelucksingh wrote Thu, 31 Oct 2013 02:03:
>Dear All,
>As we discussed on the last Outreach call, there was discussion about
>the CROPP program and how this would work in At-Large with the CROPP
>Review Team.
>Below is the text which sets to explain how this will be done.
>Comments, suggestions appreciated.
>Dev Anand
>ICANN has launched a Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)
>for ICANN Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14). The CROPP provides a framework in
>which each of the 5 At Large RALOS will have available 5 "regional"
>(three-day) outreach trips funded in FY14.
>More information about the CROPP can be found at
>Similar to how RALO budget requests were reviewed by the At-Large
>Finance and Budget Sub-committee (FBSC) before submitting to ICANN
>Finance, a CROPP Review Team (CROPP RT) will be established to:
>- review and approve RALO travel requests to the CROPP to ensure that
>the objectives of the travel requests are in line with ICANN’s
>strategic and regional engagement strategy.
>- confirm with the relevant regional Stakeholder Engagement VP that
>the purpose/goals of the travel request are consistent with ICANN’s
>strategic and regional engagement strategy.
>- submit the requests to ICANN after approval by the CROPP RT.
>The CROPP RT will comprise two members from each region, one member
>being from the:
>* ICANN At-Large Outreach Sub-committee (Outreach SC);
>and one from the:
>* ICANN At-Large Finance and Budget Sub-committee (FBSC).
>The CROPP RT will therefore have 10 members.
>Given that travel requests needs a minimum of two (2) weeks to be
>processed by the CROPP RT plus six (6) weeks for the requests to be
>processed by ICANN, RALO leaders in coordination with their members on
>the Outreach SC should submit their outreach travel requests to the
>CROPP RT eight (8) weeks before any such travel to an event for
>outreach purposes.
>RALOs and members of the Outreach SC should note the following before
>submitting travel requests :
>- Each RALO has up to five (5) regional outreach travel allocations
>available before the end of ICANN Fiscal Year 2014 which runs between
>July 2013 and June 30 2014.
>- Proposed Trips must originate and conclude within the same region
>and should, wherever practicable, be taken by someone working in or
>proximate to that territory.
>- Travel requests must be submitted 8 weeks before any such travel to
>an event takes place.
>- Any single outreach event may be attended by multiple persons;
>however, each traveler is counted as utilizing one (1) of the RALO's
>allocated trips.
>- Travel requests must include an alternate traveler that would able
>to go in case of the proposed traveler is unable to go at the last
>- The CROPP funding for any outreach travel allocation is limited to
>transportation, lodging and a per diem for up to three (3) days, two
>(2) nights ONLY per traveler.
>- The CROPP does NOT fund items such as conference fees or visa fees
>for any traveler.
>- Travel requests cannot be used for travel to a regularly scheduled
>ICANN Meeting.
>-  If approved, travelers must prepare an complete post-event Trip
>Assessment within three weeks after the return date which describes
>how the original purpose(s) and outcome(s) of the Trip were realized.
>This would be filed with ICANN by the CROPP RT as part of the CROPP program.
>Proposed Criterion
>The RALO Outreach Travel Request must include the following
>information about the travel request :
>- Traveler’s name and email address
>- Alternate Traveler’s name and email address (in the event that the
>Traveler is unable at the last moment, the alternate would travel in
>his/her stead)
>- Departure Date of Requested Travel
>- Return Date of Requested Travel
>- Travel Itinerary From City, Country
>- Travel Itinerary To Destination City and Country
>- Event/Conference Name, Title or Description
>- Event/Conference Website
>- Primary Event/Conference Location
>- ICANN Geographic Region
>- Activity Sponsors (the event sponsors must be identified to comply
>with ICANN Travel Guidelines)
>- the purpose and goals of the travel request. The purpose and goal
>should be consistent with any established ICANN regional engagement
>strategy and/or ICANN's overall mission.
>- the Proposed Outcomes. The Proposed Outcomes should be a clear,
>deliverable that can be measured and documented.
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