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please see my comments in-line:

On 31/10/2013 18:15, Eduardo Diaz wrote:
>     The CROPP RT will comprise two members from each region, one member
>     being from the:
>     * ICANN At-Large Outreach Sub-committee (Outreach SC);
>     and one from the:
>     * ICANN At-Large Finance and Budget Sub-committee (FBSC).
> This committee is too large and volunteers very scarce. I propose to
> make it smaller with only Outreach SC members. FBSC members do not
> have too much relevance in CROPP since budget allocation for
> this program is almost pre-set at 5 trips per region.

I hear what you're saying, but one member from each region is not enough
because what happens when that member cannot make it to a call - their
region is not covered. Also, it is the FBSC that deals primarily with
ICANN Strategic issues, so having a mixed committee from both groups is
a good idea. That said, I also understand that there may be some people
who are both members of the FBSC *and* the Outreach SC. In such a case,
they could be covering both positions... but I do have concerns about 1
person missing a call thus their region missing out.

>     The CROPP RT will therefore have 10 members.
>     Given that travel requests needs a minimum of two (2) weeks to be
>     processed by the CROPP RT plus six (6) weeks for the requests to be
>     processed by ICANN, RALO leaders in coordination with their members on
>     the Outreach SC should submit their outreach travel requests to the
>     CROPP RT eight (8) weeks before any such travel to an event for
>     outreach purposes.
> I suggest that we make aware all RAOS about CROPP sooner than later.
> We are getting close to the of the year. For January 2014  events (if
> there are any) people will have to submit the paperwork by mid
> November 2013.

Absolutely agreed - hence the 2 calls next week, one for the Outreach SC
and one for the FBSC. I hope that they will be short, that we will find
consensus quickly and that the CROPP program can start immediately
afterwards. Members of the WG will need to immediately relate back to
their region & get their region to identify good opportunities. I am
hoping that this will be catalysed by meeting in BA shortly.
>     - The CROPP does NOT fund items such as conference fees or visa fees
>     for any traveler.
> These fees should be included in the reimbursement otherwise we may be
> limiting the type of events that the region can go to.

On this one, unfortunately we do not set the rules. We'll be able to
relate this to ICANN Staff when we see them in BA.

>     - the Proposed Outcomes. The Proposed Outcomes should be a clear,
>     deliverable that can be measured and documented.
> I am troubled by this. For example: The main thrust behind this pilot
> is to Outreach. So, I presume that one of the deliverables will be to
> provide Outreach results and I am not sure how you can measure and
> document that. It will be a good idea to create a template for an
> imaginary event with all blanks filled. The template can help RALOs in
> preparing the documentation required by CROPP.

Excellent idea! The requisite is set by ICANN in their design for the
CROPP program. In making an example template perhaps could we ask ICANN
Staff in charge of CROPP to help us out with example potential outcomes.

Kind regards,

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