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Thanks Dev, Vanda and Beran
In MEA there have been a list of engagement list drawn sometime ago on
events happening in the region. You may need to visit Wiki to add some more
and it all depends on how ready the regional orgs are to support and
collaborate. In the past there seem to be lull in the acceptance of ICANN
support for experts to attend some of these regional meetings to create,
may be it needs review but definitely needed by ALSes if we must.

By the way has anyone thought about also holding media training sessions,
it could go a long way in supporting the work of our ALSes in our various

In addition for those ALSes who may not have access to email or telephones,
I am sure there is a way of reaching them or the second contact
(alternate). Staff could also be mandated to reach out to them as we had
discussed and advocated previously a survey covering their challenges of
ALSes, could be very helpful.

Remmy Nweke

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On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 9:41 AM, Vanda Scartezini <vanda at scartezini.org>

> I believe that is what our LAC region is doing with our roadshows . This
> week for instance the road show is going on in El Salvador . I believe also
> that with the new strategy plan the involvement of other organizations in
> the regions will improve
> As you said I have been talking around the country this year and my
> conclusions are the same you stated
> - people want to know but do not know the way to engage. I am also doing
> this promoting DNS Women in the same way and found similar responses.
> As we are plan to do in DNS Women  I believe we need members engaging in
> local promotion, posting in there social media, talking wherever they go
> about any DNS issue
> Acting like this we can certainly spread the word and teach people on how
> to start engaging. I made a volunteer agreement with ICANN in Brazil and it
> is really working . People are involving more and more
> Vanda Scartezini
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> > On 17 de out de 2015, at 07:28, Beran Dondeh <berandondeh at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hello Dev,
> >
> > Thank you both for taking time to have this call.
> >
> > I just wanted to point out that in the Middle East and Africa region, we
> can take advantage of the DNS roadshows that have just kicked off and find
> a way of getting cctlds more involved perhaps through Aftld and other such
> regional organisations.
> >
> > You will be surprised that there are a lot of people that want to know
> more about DNS but
> >
> > 1- don't know how to get the information
> > 2- don't have the resources to get to ICANN meetings
> > 3- just don't know how to PLAIN engage
> >
> > We should tap into this by identifying key local events in certain
> regions ( through ALSes) and engaging through presentations, remote
> participation... Etc.
> >
> > I also want to follow up on the webinar Q and A that is currently being
> implemented by NARALO. This would entail having a webinar with no specific
> topic per se but just to allow participants to ask any question about ICANN
> and Internet policy processes that come to mind. I think this could be
> quite effective and should be considered.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Beran
> >
> > "There is nothing more difficult to arrange and more dangerous to carry
> through than initiating change..." Machiavelli
> >
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> >
> >> On 17 Oct 2015, at 04:23, Dev Anand Teelucksingh <devtee at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >>
> >> Dear All,
> >>
> >> Had a conference call with Daniel Nanghaka (it was 2am for him) to
> >> discuss the O&E presentation and came up with some other ideas for
> >> engagement that I put on the wiki at
> >>
> https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Ideas+for+Engagement+Strategies
> >> Please add your thoughts and ideas on this wiki page:
> >>
> >> Here's are the ideas:
> >>
> >> To solve engagement, have ALSes to care about and be involved in DNS
> >> related issues at
> >>
> >> * local level -- e.g policies that govern your ccTLD ; DNS reliability
> >> ; DNS security (DNSSEC) ; WHOIS privacy of ccTLD domain registration
> >> * regional level  -- e.g DNS reliability in the region ; DNS security
> >> * global level -- e.g IANA stewardship transition ; CCWG on
> >> Accountability ;  many locals use gTLDs and therefore are governed by
> >> the policies (e.g WHOIS privacy) that gTLD registries set with
> >> registrants,
> >>
> >> If ALSes don't care about DNS related issues at the local level, they
> >> are unlikely to care about global DNS related issues.
> >>
> >> So to get ALSes, engaged, have to
> >> - raise awareness of possible local DNS issues ;
> >> - ask ALSes input/opinion on their regional ICANN strategy
> >> - help foster discussions about other local/regional ICT/IG issues -
> >> e.g net neutrality
> >>
> >> To raise ICANN issues for ALSes to respond to, have to get ALSes to
> >> understand the impact of the ICANN issue to them, and create
> >> compelling content for them to see the impact of the ICANN issue to
> >> them.
> >>
> >> Other engagement challenges:
> >>
> >> - getting connected to At-Large calls ; persons can't be reached on
> >> their phones, persons don't have sufficient net connectivity.
> >>
> >> Another suggestion to foster engagement in WGs:
> >> - A WG should be able to select a regional active member to attend a
> >> regional ICANN F2F meeting.
> >>
> >> Kind Regards,
> >>
> >> Dev Anand Teelucksingh
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