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Dear Renata
Thank you for your feedback!!! I am copying LACRALO group and ALAC internal since I am sure colleagues will like to know.
Kisses and hope to see you next week in Fortaleza,
Safe trip back,

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Dear all

Reporting a bit about SSIG and the participation there:

As mentioned before, LAC were majority but also participants from US, EU and Asia/Pacific were there.

The theme being cybersecurity and the venue being DC it was likely that a varied audience would participate.

From a participant point of view I have heard more mentions from ALAC than any other ICANN const. or wg.
At least 10 participants came to me seeing they browsed ALAC site and were thinking about joining
2 were interested in SSAC. 1 even found out that their org was already participating

There were 180 participants so it is likely this conversation about engaging in ICANN will go on for the next weeks

Becoming an ALS is an interest but also a concern for many LAC institutions in cybersec as some may be of a somewhat hybrid nature ie being financed by a bank but being also a foundation. Also many backgrounds were in engineering so getting to understand ALS ToRs seemed a bit legalese.

Anyhow I hope more engagement comes from this event, surely there was a lot interest.

Jason, thanks also for your kind words. We have an expression in Brazil "trabalho de formiguinha" (working like a little ant), very badly it translates but I guess you get what it is, building engagement little by little.


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