[Alac-sc-outreach] ICANN able to convert Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 format

Dave Kissoondoyal dave at isoc-mu.org
Tue Apr 26 07:10:21 UTC 2016

Good job Dev and team

Best regards


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Dear All,

The At-Large Technology Taskforce (TTF)  maintains an At-Large Technology
Issues page at
which seeks to better document the technology issues experienced by the
At-Large Community which we can raise with ICANN staff and document possible
workarounds or solutions.

On the TTF call on April 18 2016, feedback was given to ICANN staff
regarding the issue of "the ability to export Adobe Connect recordings from
Flash only recordings to formats like MP4 which can be edited and put on
video sharing websites for easier resharing and more accessible for the
At-Large community"

This issue is important because Adobe Connect recordings in Flash are
unplayable on mobile and tablet devices whereas MP4 files can be playable on
mobile, tablet and PCs. Also, playing an Adobe Connect recording on a PC
with Flash installed is cumbersome compared with experiences on video
sharing websites like YouTube.

Based on the suggestions given by the TTF on the April 18 2016 call
(https://community.icann.org/x/UTmAAw), ICANN has configured their Adobe
Connect account to allow for ICANN staff (at no additional cost) to export
Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 format.

At-Large Staff are currently testing the process to convert Adobe Connect
recordings to MP4 and to upload to Youtube. Here's the recording of the
At-Large Technology Taskforce conference call on April 18 2016 on YouTube


This is a step forward in making the work of At-Large more accessible for
viewing on multiple devices, and more shareable with the wider public.

Kind Regards,

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
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