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Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 06:02:15 UTC 2017

In preparation for our GA in Abu Dhabi.. I have asked a group of fellows to
look at a couple of sections from the Fellows survey and look at what
strategies APRALO could use to improve the result of "How engaged do
Fellows feel with their RALOs" and "Do they feel acknowledged and
encouraged by their RALOs". The group will bring back some recommendations
to the GA that we as a RALO can work together on.

Bottom-up.. ☺

The only reason we are working on these two areas is that (apart from the
gender question) they were the only RALO related questions asked in  the
survey. The others were generic.. But these are good starter questions for
our APRALO fellows from over a couple of years to get their teeth into.

This activity will hopefully show that working together to make changes
within our RALO that will impact them as members, is not dissimilar to
being a member if an At-Large or ICANN working group and contributing to
change across At-Large or ICANN on issues that will impact them as

Well, thats the theory.. ☺ We will see how it goes...

On 20/08/2017 7:41 pm, "Seun Ojedeji" <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> It seem to me that the onboarding answered the question of "what can be
> engaging and informative to new folks in AtLarge (and ICANN as a whole?)"
> We now need to answer the question of how to utilise the resources they've
> managed to put together to get more people on board and active. I think
> it's after that we can check if it's making her mark.
> Regards
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> On Aug 21, 2017 6:27 AM, "Maureen Hilyard" <maureen.hilyard at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> True Daniel.
>> I guess what we are all getting at is how do we make engagement engaging?
>> I think the Onboarding presentation was great but did it reach the mark?
>> Did we get feedback from anyone? Dev?
>> If so how do we get it out in a meaningful engaging way to the masses so
>> they understand and can't wait to be a part of At-Large?
>> On 20/08/2017 7:21 pm, "Daniel Nanghaka" <daniel.nanghaka at isoc.ug> wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> But as Maureen and Olivier shared, We should not neglect the great work
>>> done by Dev, Beran and Isaac on the Onboarding program. This program should
>>> be extended to the ALSes because the Materials created give a simplistic
>>> mode of how they can understand and participate.
>>> Daniel Nanghaka
>>> ALAC Sub-Committee on Outreach and Engagement – Co-chair from AFRALO
>>> ISOC Uganda Chapter
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>>> On 21 August 2017 at 06:06, Maureen Hilyard <maureen.hilyard at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> The guide is good.. but if its something we want everyone to make sense
>>>> of we need to explain each section without oral or written language which
>>>> is the first barrier...
>>>> We keep saying that a lot of our potential participants are not
>>>> comfortable with English and then we give them that booklet.
>>>> I love those videos where an artist draws a flowchart as a visual to
>>>> explain a process - no language but the message is clear.
>>>> A new online guidebook could consist of a series of flowcharts that
>>>> introduce and explain each process.
>>>> By clicking onto the flowchart you would access the artist's
>>>> "explanation" of how the process occurs, but no actual voice-over required
>>>> - so no language barriers..
>>>> Anyone know a good artist?
>>>> M
>>>> On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 12:37 PM, Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond <
>>>> ocl at gih.com> wrote:
>>>>> Hello all,
>>>>> a response I have received during the consultation process of our
>>>>> Outreach Strategy mentioned a comment I have heard on many occasions: how
>>>>> do ALSes get their members involved in At-Large activity? (see below)
>>>>> There is a beginner's guide that explains how to participate in
>>>>> At-Large,  but it is more than three years old.
>>>>> https://www.icann.org/resources/files/participating-at-large
>>>>> -2013-11-08-en
>>>>> And when I read the Guide I can't help wondering why this has not been
>>>>> providing a suitable answer to all the people who have asked me this
>>>>> question. Are we missing the target? How can we rectify this?
>>>>> Kindest regards,
>>>>> Olivier
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>>>>> Olivier,
>>>>> One suggestion I have is to augment the « Task Force on ALS
>>>>> Engagement » section with a mention of the difficulties some ALSes may have
>>>>> in explaining to their members how they are able to participate and helping
>>>>> them to understand the basic At Large structure and dynamics so that their
>>>>> participation becomes easier.
>>>>> It’s certainly an issue we’ve had in the individual users’ org and I
>>>>> think it would be useful to reflect this in EURALO’s Outreach Plan.
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