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...and this is what the BC does for their onboarding.

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I'll discuss guidelines within the BC and with my two mentees. However,
I want to mention that in the BC, we also have our own 'coaching' of the
senior leadership invitees to each of the ICANN meetings.  This is
possibly more like what Rapid Sun is suggesting. 

For example, for each of the ICANN meetings when the BC has invited one
or two senior leaders, working with the BC Secretariat, I do at least
one one hour coaching call when the attendee(s) are invited. Our
wonderous BC Secretariat explains the BC website, our processes for
engagement, etc. and I focus on demystifying ICANN. [and demystifying
the BC, of course -- who are our officers, our members, key issues re
governance of ICANN and of gTLD policy]. 

For their attendance at ICANN, we have a sort of triage approach: here
are the important BC and CSG meetings, and here are a few more sessions
that you may be interested in -- depending on where they come from
--e.g. for our executives from Africa, I propose the African Strategy
session, for our recent attendee from Egypt, we attended the MENA
strategy session, for our LATEM senior executives, we propose the Latin
American Strategy session.  We add in of course the public forums and
other events that are relevant to their interest. Just an other example,
as two of our recent BC executives are quite sophisticated on financial
issues, we proposed that they attend the budget working groups [with
those of the BC who are already engaged].  

When they arrive at ICANN, we try to have them co located at a hotel
with one of the officers, typically the Vice Chair of Finance and
Operations, who is the key contact for this program. They are greeted,
and sometimes, if appropriate, we have a small tea/coffee, or dinner
with 2-3 of the BC Outreach Committee members. One of the Outreach
Committee offers to escort them to registration for badging. And we
introduce them to Board members, GAC members, other leaders from the
community throughout the week.   

We have recently been using the ICANN Information booth as the place to
convene  during coffee breaks, and that is working very well as we want
our executives to become quickly independent but know that someone from
the BC outreach committee are there to advise and introduce. 

This is above and beyond our on boarding of newcomers, but it will be
reflected in our final documents as we want to do much of this for any
newcomer who is qualified to become a BC member.  

Probably the BC  will have mentorship guidelines, including time
commitments, historical expertise, reputational standing in the
community, and attendance records for any commitments at ICANN, as we
are after all businesses. I do not suggest any such criteria for any
other group, as Ayden notes and Olivier reinforces, each group is quite

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Hello all,

I have read this proposal from the GAC processes and found it
interesting. I do agree with Ayden that it places a high workload on the
Coaches to produce much documentation which, whilst I find useful, is
unlikely to attract any coaches that are already very overworked,
especially in the pure volunteer part of ICANN. But of course, I think
that each part of our community should develop its own guidelines that
fit their community's needs - and Rapid Sun's document is helpful for us.
Kindest regards,


On 08/11/2017 13:15, Ayden Férdeline wrote:
> Hi,
> We do not have mentorship guidelines for the NCUC, and I do not think
> they would be helpful for us. Maybe they work for other communities. I
> have just skim read the attachment which you shared, and it appears to
> me to be overloaded with enormous overhead.
> I think that works for the fellowship programme, as the introduction
> of travel funding does need layers of record keeping, but if we are
> creating evergreen materials to support mentorship without travel
> support (I had been under the impression that travel funding for this
> onboarding programme was only temporary, and would not always be
> here), we do not need something so over-engineered. At least not for
> the NCUC, where our members are volunteers and their participation is
> not compensated.
> I think we have to keep in perspective the fact that we are asking our
> most experienced volunteers, who are already active in working groups
> and have lives outside of ICANN, to mentor newcomers. Mentoring itself
> is not too difficult — schedule a few calls over Skype, meet
> face-to-face if you can. But if you load all of the requirements in
> that Word document on to it (formal reports etc), /no one/ experienced
> and engaged is going to volunteer. I dare say the programme would be
> bound to fail. Again, maybe it would work for other communities, but
> it would not work for the NCUC.
> —Ayden 
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>> Dear All,
>> I would like to ask if you have developed Mentorship Guideline for
>> your community. I see it's a good sample of fellowship coaches
>> guideline as in attachment.
>> In GAC, we are planning to establish mentor pooling based on region
>> and develop mentorship guideline in GAC for reference. 
>> Kind regards,
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