[Alac-sc-outreach] Outreach and Engagement Strategy IGF Geneva

Daniel Nanghaka daniel.nanghaka at isoc.ug
Mon Sep 25 14:19:28 UTC 2017

Dear All,

Looking at the critical timelines and the rate at which things are moving,
I feel there is a gap in communication. With upcoming activities at the IGF
in December, with the activities being set forth. the table at
makes sense though its not populated with the list of members planning or
confirmed to attend the IGF. One milestone is that the IGF has already sent
out confirmation to attendees who are not sure of there support to attend
the IGF. Is there already a selection that has been made on the confirmed
attendees. If yes, please share then we can update the records. Since BC
decision was made that ICANN would support one RALO and one ALAC
member.from the O&E working group. These could be the first to be
confirmed. Furthermore it would also be great to know the criteria related
to the selection.

First and foremost, ALAC-ATLARGE booth  at the IGF Geneva is verified
and provide a small table and signage and chairs in the small tradeshow
booth. This booth brings forth a strong role of reaching out and engaging
which I will assume we all know. From the AFRALO perspective we have seen
impact during the various Activties that we have engaged in.

Is it possible to get an update on the participation level and Booth page
https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Booth+at+IGF2017 Has
not yet got members adding in there slots to be at the booth because there
is no confirmation on who will be attending even the Working Group
(Outreach and Engagement WG) is not aware but just speculating.

To be able to enhance consolidation of O&E with staff and various GSE,
Could there be a Staff O&E Strategy that could act as a benchmark despite
the undisputed efforts done by the RALOs in there respective regional

I think this is where there is need to strike a balance.

Daniel Nanghaka
ALAC Sub-Committee on Outreach and Engagement – Co-chair from AFRALO
ISOC Uganda Chapter
Tel: +256 772 898298
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