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Dear colleagues,

with the new financial year FY19 having started on please be so kind to
find the information below about the Community Regional Outreach Program

At present, we need to do two things:

1. appoint or re-appoint CROP programme committee representatives
2. draft our Outreach Strategic Plan

May I suggest that we appoint two new representatives on this committee?
We need to do this as soon as possible. As this is an administrative
function, may I suggest that we send out a call for candidates and have
the EURALO Board make the selection? I would recommend that at least one
of the two people should be Wale Bakare or me, as this function is
closely related to EURALO strategy.

As for drafting out an Outreach Strategic Plan, may I suggest that this
be undertaken by the EURALO ALS Engagement Task Force? Work needs to
start immediately.

Kindest regards


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Subject: 	FY19 CROP - Ready for use
Date: 	Tue, 3 Jul 2018 17:11:48 +0000
From: 	Benedetta Rossi <benedetta.rossi at icann.org>

At-Large RALO and GNSO Constituency Leaders:


We are pleased to report that the Community Regional Outreach Program
(CROP) FY19 Wiki space is now ready to be used.  Please also refer to
Sally Costerton’s and David Olive’s blog post published today
on this subject.


For FY19, US$50,000 was allocated to the final FY19 Budget for CROP. The
Board made this decision on the recommendation of ICANN organization,
based on community consultations and public comments on the Draft FY19
Operating Plan & Budget as well as further consideration about how to
provide support to community outreach efforts while remaining within
appropriate budget limits. 


As part of this process, staff was directed to review current guidelines
and develop improved, additional criteria. To ensure consistency with
other community travel and outreach requests administered under all
ICANN programs, the final criteria balances the program goals with the
need to ensure cost-effectiveness. 


The general principle governing the updated CROP guidelines
<https://community.icann.org/x/yicFBQ> is that CROP may be used for FY19
outreach efforts that are *directly and demonstrably related to ongoing
ICANN policy, technical and advisory activities*. CROP allocations will
be subject to the new CROP guidelines
<https://community.icann.org/x/yicFBQ> and specific criteria, with a
staff assessment to be conducted at the end of FY19. 


*Each RALO & each eligible GNSO Constituency (BC, IPC, ISPCP, NCUC &
NPOC) is allocated up to three (3) individual regional trips (4 days and
3 nights maximum per trip).* 


Travel allocations are to be used for the following types of events:


  * ICANN Public Meetings occurring in the relevant region; or
  * Official meetings organized by ICANN Org occurring in the relevant
    region; or
  * If there is _no Public Meeting or official ICANN meeting occurring
    in the relevant region in that FY,_ a meeting in that region that is
    assessed by the relevant regional GSE VP as being:
     1. Directly and demonstrably related to ongoing ICANN policy,
        advisory or technical activities (e.g. a Regional Internet
        Registry meeting), and
     2. Consistent with ICANN Org’s outreach plan for that region. 


(For RALOs, “relevant region” means the region applicable to each RALO.
For GNSO Constituencies, this means the region where the ICANN Public
Meeting, CANN-organized meeting, or an event assessed under the criteria
outlined in (ii) above is taking place.) 


  * *Please note:*if a RALO or eligible GNSO group has used at least one
    allocation for an ICANN meeting (or ICANN-organized meeting), it may
    use its remaining allocation(s) for meetings that are assessed by
    the relevant regional GSE VP as being directly and demonstrably
    related to ongoing ICANN policy, technical or advisory activities
    (e.g. RIR meetings).  
  * *No out-of-region travel will be permitted.   *


We invite you to browse through the CROP FY19 space
<https://community.icann.org/x/pIRHBQ> and through the CROP Procedures &
Guidelines page <https://community.icann.org/x/yicFBQ> for details about
the program. Please email us (crop-staff at icann.org
<mailto:crop-staff at icann.org>) if you have questions on specific aspects
of the FY19 program.   For a complete list of individuals who have CROP
duties, please see our CROP Contacts page
<https://community.icann.org/x/fgKfB>. If there are any changes to your
community Program Coordinators for CROP, please inform us as soon as
possible so the list can be updated accordingly.  


We are looking forward to collaborating with all of you over this fiscal
year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to CROP Staff:
crop-staff at icann.org <mailto:crop-staff at icann.org>    


Kind regards from your extended CROP Team: 


Benedetta Rossi 

(crop-staff at icann.org <mailto:crop-staff at icann.org>)



*Benedetta Rossi *| Manager, Policy Support & Community Services

benedetta.rossi at icann.org <mailto:benedetta.rossi at icann.org> |

*ICANN* | Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers




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