[Alac-sc-outreach] Urgent Work: IGF= Due May 25th

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Sun May 20 12:39:45 UTC 2018

Hi  All

Our  proposal
At-Large Global Capacity
Building at the
2018 IGF

The proposal is for organizing an effective and coordinated At-Large
activity during the 2018 IGF, which is a premier global event targeting
global stakeholders in the Internet Ecosystem.

The aim is an improved coordination of At-Large and other ICANN
participants to promote and heighten brand awareness and knowledge of
ICANN-ALAC-At-Large with a series of workshops by all five RALOs as well as
outreach materials such as banners, posters, brochures and promotional
items that help to raise general awareness but which also attract attention
and invite people to ask questions about ICANN-ALAC-At-Large and their
global and regional activities, as well as how they may get involved.

This request is based on the extremely successful At-Large 2017 IGF
outreach activities
 partly supported by ICANN. As the number of reports
 show, through coordination and planning, the supported travelers met their
goals in terms of raising awareness and understanding of At-Large and ICANN.

The request is for *TWO ALAC and TWO RALO representatives *who will not
only be actively involved with Outreach and Engagement among the IGF
community within the Booth Compound, but will also be participants in ICANN
and MAG-accepted IGF workshops/panels

This request is part of a coordinated At-Large approach for the 2018 IGF,
which include workshop requests from the 5 RALOs.

*Financial Support:*

Translation of Outreach Materials to different languages, including ES, FR,

Travel support for two ALAC Members and two representatives of the Outreach
& Engagement Subcommittee to cover the full IGF period including Day 0 (if

Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
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