[Alac-sc-outreach] Status of Outreach and Engagement WG

DANIEL NANGHAKA dndannang at gmail.com
Wed May 30 13:26:47 UTC 2018

Dear Team,

It seems that the WG has gone into hibernation especially with the fact a
new call was made on the reconstitution of the O&E WG,

As Alan Greenberg - Chair of ALAC call of new members deadline of 4th May
2018 passed and members expressed their willingness to be part of the WG,
there has not been any substantial communication regarding to the Status or
composition of new Leadership.

In an email thread, there was a call for the election of new Chair which
ended prematurely with a call and an expression of Interest to the new
leadership which are yet to yield results.

I here bring forth to the discussion that is it possible for Staff in
collaboration with Chair of ALAC send out a doodle on when the WG meeting
be held with key Items on the agenda being

   1. Election of WG Chair and Co-Chairs
   2. Update on Regional Engagement Reports from the different RALOs
   3. Discussion of Regional Strategies (Deadline to be set during the WG
   4. Plan of CROP after being reinstated with a 50% Budget cut

I believe this will drive discussion for the next FY 18/19.

Looking forward to your co-operation.

Daniel K. Nanghaka


Nanghaka Daniel K.
Executive Director - ILICIT Africa / Chair - FOSSFA / Community Lead - ISOC
Uganda Chapter / Geo4Africa Lead / Organising Team - FOSS4G2018
Mobile +256 772 898298 (Uganda)
Skype: daniel.nanghaka

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