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Thank you Olivier and colleagues for sharing!

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Good evening.  As promised attached id the Final Report of the IGF from the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP).   It includes an overall analysis of the IGF and also details of the different initiatives launched; some notable facts include:

3406 physical participants;
2952 on-line participants;
161 countries represented; and
201 Session and 49 Remote Hubs;

On representation:

41% from civil society;
20% from Government;
6% from IGOs,
19% from business, and
12% from the Technical Community.

A review of each Day of the IGF is given at https://dig.watch/events/14th-internet-governance-forum along with individual reports from each Session.

The “Berlin Messages” (the effective output from the IGF) is given at https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/berlin-igf-messages



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