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Dear Natalia,


First of all thank you for the report and your effort ;-). Just a few short comments from my side between the lines!






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Dear colleagues,

Today in Marakkesh we had an informal short working meeting with Natalia Mochu (Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Eastern Europe and Central Asia). We were discussing the possibility to reshape our representation the covering the activities of Euralo in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This region is still not actively represented in our RALO and we should to start to change this situation. 



That’s a good point but there were also at least three events where people were involved:


1. DNS Forum, Moscow 

2. UADOM, Kyiv

3. SeeDIG


Following this meeting, let me suggest for the discussion the next possibility activities:

- Natalia invited me to participate in the open "ICANN65 readout webinar" (scheduled on July 11) with a short presentation about our work and the opportunity to join Euralo. The participants – the stakeholders in ICANN, the Regions – Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (Previous at-Large participant, Liana Galstyan, presented APRALO). For the participation i will prepare a short presentation (if we already have it or infographics, i may use it) about the mechanism of our work explaining how the opinion of end users is transformed during the work into part of the policy development process. 

- The Interaction with RIPE NCC. According to preliminary data, the representatives of engagment interested in beginning such work. (We can hold joint open webinars after each RIPE or ICANN meetings, for example). 



It is a good idea: EURALO already did this for example concerning the GDPR (https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=79434910), but there is always space to make more webinars I assume?! It is just a matter of organizing them and finding people who are willing to present ;-)!

- We need to start a new tradition to replace the (a little bit) passive position in the region to active role by the invitation of the appropriated organizations (to organize f2f meetings or online-webinars) if this organizations are not yet our ALSs, but potentially may bring to our work a lot of useful suggestions, experience of best solution (I mean the organizations which are working on the Internet right and freedom protection field, as an example).

- We should to use the opportunity of the physical presence with short introduction presentations at events in the region (we are talking about events which don`t  required  the funding for the presence). This is already implied theoretically, but practically we don`t use this possibility.



I also support this idea ;-)!

I kindly ask you to give the feedback and comments.




Natalia Filina


Officer of SIG IoT (ISOC)

Member of EURALO Individuals’ Association 


Member of ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement





+7 906 722 54 61


Russian Federation



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