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There are a number of factors to consider for DoH and DoT, bearing in mind
the two different ports they operate. One major factor the IETF's Adaptive
DNS Discovery WG may watch out for, as it evolves is the CDN (Content
Delivery Network). It has gained so much attention because the majority of
web traffic is served through CDNs.


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> Interesting to know what they reached with regard to encrypted DoH and DoT
> Hadia
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> Thanks Mathias
> Hadia
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> Dear all,
> Enclosed a very brief report about my experience in the IETF 108 meeting
> if anyone is interested to read it?
> I can highly recommend to check out this forum even if it is very
> technical - it helps to get the bigger picture of the Internet ecosystem
> ;-)!
> Have a nice evening!
> Kindest regards,
> Matthias
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