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Apologies for the late reply, but your message had landed in my "spam" folder.   The timetable we have in mind is the following.

a) Final report of the Berkman group to be available to the RT on the first day of our Boston meeting, i.e.  11th of October.  The deadline of the 31st is there to allow Berkam to have the report printed if they like, to make some final editing changes or something like this.  But is is clear that we should have the substance at the beginning of the Boston meeting, which otherwise would loose its rationale.

b) Publication of the draft recommendations immediately after the Boston meeting (which was extended to three days precisely to allow for some extra work on the draft).   The publication should take place no later than the 15th of October.   This document will probably be very close to the final recommendations.

c) A consultation period of 45 days until the 30th of November.  This is apparently considered the minimum length acceptable for the Icann community.   I do not remember discussing this, but we should  have the draft recommendations translated in the same languages in which the questions were (belatedly) translated.   

d) In Cartagena we should agree on the final modifications to be made to the recommendations in the light of the public ccomments received during the consultation period.  Contributions will come in at the close of the period and this raises the issue of the time we will have to examine the material received.  It could be a manageable amount of pages, but it could also be hundreds of contributions.

e) In Cartagena we might present orally the (almost) final product to the Board, where a question and answer session might allow a better explanation of the rationale behind the recommendations.

f) After Cartagena, we might want to make some minor, editing changes that could be agreed by e-mail and the recommendations would then be formally forwarded to the Board by the end of the year as requested.

This is what we discussed in the RT on various occasions and especially during the Brussels multiple meetings.   I'll add some personal remarks about what could go wrong.

The main risk to this calendar might be us being unable to agree a "semi-finished" product by the 13th of October, at the end of our three-day meeting in Boston.   Especially if Berkmann were late with their work.

The second risk comes from the amount of inputs that will be received during the public consultation period.   A suggestion to close the consultation period around the 20th of Novemeber, i.e. after 35 days was considered to be difficult to accept for the Icann Community.   I had also proposed skipping the Cartagena meeting and having another face to face meeting toward mid-December close to a North American airlines hub, but it was observed that some members of the RT have to be in Cartagena in any case and that having the meeting later elsewhere would increase travel costs.  It was also felt that we should not avoid the opportunity for personal contacts that an Icann week offers (especially with the Board).

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Hi All,

I¡¯m unclear where we will be in the process at the face to face meeting in Cartagena and thus what its purpose is.

According to the work schedule (http://www.icann.org/en/reviews/affirmation/proposed-work-schedule-atrt-02jul10-en.pdf),

October 31, 2010 ¨C Management Assessor¡¯s final report to RT 
December 5©\10 ¨C RT meeting in Cartegena; presentation of draft recommendations to ICANN Community and Community feedback 
December 31, 2010 ¨C Final recommendations submitted

So I think I need to know the following before I can sensibly comment any further.;

a)	When is it intended to release the draft recommendations?
b)	Is it intended that the comment period will close at Cartagena or after?
c)	What is the purpose of the face to face meeting?


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