[AT-Review] Logistic of the Cartagena meeting

Fabio Colasanti fabio at colasanti.it
Tue Aug 3 05:23:34 UTC 2010

Dear all,

My understanding of yesterday’s conclusions on the dates of the Cartagena meeting is that:

a)	The RT will have a short meeting just before its meeting with the Icann Board, probably Sunday the 5th in the morning.
b)	The RT will meet the Board in the afternoon of Sunday the 5th.
c)	The RT will then have a meeting to examine the inputs received under the public consultation and the outcome of the meeting with the Board.  This meeting may last half a day and take place on Monday the 6th.
d)	Confirmation of the precise dates of steps a) to c) depends on Peter assuring us that a meeting with the Board is indeed possible in the afternoon of Sunday the 5th.
e)	The members of the RT who are in Cartagena for other reasons will take part in a public forum (meeting with the Community) which is expected to take place on Wednesday the 8th or Thursday the 9th.
f)	Again, the members who will still be in Cartagena, may agree to meet on Friday the 10th for any unfinished business that may arise.
g)	This means that the presence in Cartagena of the members of the RT who do not have other Icann commitments is requested from, say, the evening of Saturday the 4th to the morning of Tuesday the 7th.

As for the reservation of hotel rooms.
h)	It is not possible, nor absolutely necessary, that we will all be in the same hotel.
i)	Reservations will be done through the Icann staff (Alice?) so as to benefit from any Icann pre-allocation of rooms.
j)	As soon as Peter will be able to confirm the meeting with the Board, we shall  indicate to Alice (?) our room needs (and we will be in a position to determine our travel arrangements).

All the best,


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