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Will make those changes.  Sorry about the “d”.





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I believe this came up in a previous thread but the title for WG#4 should be:


"Independent Review of Board Decisions." 

As opposed to Independent Review of Board. As Peter points out, Adelman is indeed with one d.

First glance.




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Attached is a draft Announcement regarding the appointment of the Berkman Center, an update on the Working Groups and information concerning Public Comments.  Please review and edit.  Specifically, please confirm the accuracy of Working Group members and Co-Leaders for each of the Working Groups.  I would like to get this posted in the next 24 hours.


Urs, I assume you and your team are monitoring the ATRT list but I am copying you as well.  Manal and I look forward to our call with you and the Berkman team this week.





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