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First, my apologies a) for bothering the whole list with these questions
as I am unsure to whom they should be addressed and b) if any of them are
just plain stupidJ.


1.    At the FtF meeting in MdR there was a meeting with staff: 

a) are the audio recording and the summary minutes the only record of the
open meeting or is there a transcript? 

b) in the recording there is reference to documents tabled (for example,
an 'inventory)  - where are those? 

c) slides were used - where are those? and 

d) are there notes of the closed session with staff?


2.    In the preliminary report of the Brussels meeting: 

a) item c refers to the RT being provided with an update on its documental
request and DM to provide a list of any outstanding requests. What is the
status of this and where are the documents? 

b) item i refers to the recordings and transcripts of the various meetings
with Board etc. Have we reviewed these to see if there is anything that
was to be delivered following those discussion that remains outstanding? 

c) item j refers to a continuing exchange of opinions with staff and
meetings with Rod, ICANN senior staff and Frank Fowlie. Are there notes of
these meetings?


3.    The questions to Board, GAC etc are posted on the web site. It seems
that a list of questions were provided to staff but I cannot find those.
Where are they?




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